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Jillys Cupcake Bar and Ice Cream Café

“You’re right, it doesn’t look as good with both…I’ll let you know tomorrow…I loved the fork idea the best! You do have amazing always come up with really cool symbols (When I’m not irritating you!)”

Jill Segal Owner of Jillys Cupcake Bar & Café.

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McLeod Nine

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Third eye

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It’s Essential Lavender Booty Budda’

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Ocean Plastic Necklace

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Maui Tree Home

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When Jenn Carter was 4 years old she suggested her father type in 11pt font size because 10pt was too small and 12 pt was too large. In that moment, typography, design and communicating visually became her primary focus in life for enjoyment. After crayons and construction paper she studied at Washington University and finished with a BFA in Visual Communications.  She now enjoys working with a delightedly diverse group of clients materializing uncountable logos, fliers, brochures, websites and dreams.

If you’d like to discuss your brand and design project send her an email at

Jenn Carter
Haiku, Hi 96708