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The Myschievia Series

This sudden influx of screen printing is being fueled by the upcoming event; Myschievia – The North Texas Burn. I went last year completely new to the experience and 4 days of wondering around nude hippie camps got boring after a while. Even on psychedelics, whiskey and weed. Not to mention my feet hurt to the […]
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Big and Little Beach

By Jan 19, 2015 0 comment
We’ve been to the Little Beach party on Sunday a couple of times now. Each time the terrain connecting Big and Little Beach changes. This Sunday the shore broke hard and the path to the entrance was covered by the crashing waves every couple of minutes. From there it was a volcanic rock balance beam […]
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Maui Tropical Plantation

By Dec 08, 2014 0 comment
Visiting the Plantation was sort of an accident. We thought we’d be attending the Morey Slip N Slide event, but after realizing a Slip N Slide is not a water slide but infact just a lot of blue tarps duct taped together culminating in a pile of queen mattresses still incased in the factory plastic. […]
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By Dec 07, 2014 0 comment
At the highest level tourist are allowed to travel Haleakala’s signs read 10,000 feet. We drove up for sunset as did dozens of other people. Its a forever long drive because the roads weave up the mountain side with turns slowing down to less than 20 miles per hour. We yet again failed to get the windshield […]
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Road to Kihei

By Dec 02, 2014 0 comment
Kihei contains many of the “better” public beaches, a few dive bars, and tons of tourist shopping. If you’re looking for a coconut handbag or shell encrusted hangy chimmy thingy, this is the place. But most of all its close to ma’dudes work. So we can get to the beach or whatever that much quicker. […]
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Settling in Kahului

By Nov 25, 2014 0 comment
Today marks our third week on the island in Kahului. It took us a couple of weeks to construct this room in the backyard of our guest house. We used left over pieces mostly from on site, in the garage or piled over yonder. Some pieces came from a dismantled deck on the other side […]
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Move to Maui

By Nov 04, 2014 0 comment
We arrive on Maui after seven full hours in the air. The plane was packed and miniature. Each roll was three across. When we board, Dan was to have the aisle seat, I the window. But some gentle man was planted in the aisle so he “Could touch his wife.” we were informed. “But what […]
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