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Maui Mystic Flow Fest

By Feb 13, 2017 0 comment
My first time helping build a geo dome was surprising enjoyable.  The rain poured most of the “festival” but cleared up just long enough for sunset. We managed to catch Dirtwire’s set under the porch. Fire dancers as always saved the evening.
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By Oct 24, 2015 0 comment
Tacowaco is getting ready for the Mardi Gras of the Pacific. Halloween in Lahiana. After throwing around some fake ideas and surveying the local thrift and costume shops we decided to make Chupacabra Policia Masks with crap laying around the house. Behold the power of toilet paper and Elmer’s glue. Donate to our Cause and we’ll […]
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The Myschievia Series

This sudden influx of screen printing is being fueled by the upcoming event; Myschievia – The North Texas Burn. I went last year completely new to the experience and 4 days of wondering around nude hippie camps got boring after a while. Even on psychedelics, whiskey and weed. Not to mention my feet hurt to the […]
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OH boy. Buzz Feed

By Jul 21, 2015 0 comment
Baby Flying Squirrel on a stick After uploading a few images to imgur it took about two days before Buzzfeed picked up my Baby Flying Squirrel on a Stick photo for a top ten list. I have arrived.
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You need flippers to eat pizza

By Jul 12, 2015 Comments Off on You need flippers to eat pizza
This is what you’re supposed to use the go pro for right? We attempted to capture some underwater footage of sea turtles. But that came up amok. And since Danny can’t go to Paia without hankering for Flatbeard, and because Jerry never has shoes, this delightful memory was captured.
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